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Big Sky Kid's Table

Kids rule at Big Sky!   In fact, we have a special kid's table at our Firehouse location with dough and baking tools for beginner bakers (kids and kids-at-heart!).

Coloring Page - Download and print this coloring page. Draw your favorite thing at Big Sky, bring it in to us and win a free cookie!

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    Word Search - Download and print this word search. Complete the entire word search, bring it in to us and win a free cookie! (Hint: there are 10 words to find)

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  • Big Sky Kid's Table

    Whole wheat flour is what makes Big Sky bread the best bread around. We grind organic wheat berries from Montana to make our flour. Wheat berries are the seeds for growing wheat. So, you can try this fun experiment at home:

    1. Ask us for a small bag of wheat berries.

    2. Plant the berries in paper cups filled half-way with potting soil (put them about inch below the surface). Put 3 or 4 wheat berries in each cup.

    3. Water the seeds and make sure they have sun. Don't forget to water the seeds each day to keep them moist.

    4. About 5 days later - you will see small green sprouts appear - the beginning of the wheat plant! You did it!

    Kids Drawings - click here to see more kids drawings.

    What is a Wheat Berry? - A wheat berry is a small seed in the "ear" of the wheat plant. There are more than 40 wheat berries on each stalk! It has three parts: germ, endosperm and bran. The berries are crushed by large granite stones in our mill to make whole wheat flour.